Corporate profile

MCONZULT is a rising star across Asia and a company with a strong reputation for quality and success as a leading Telecommunications Company.

Through 15 years we have been delivering consulting and telecommunication services building up of Mobile Network Operators and Virtual Mobile Network Operators and managing telecommunications network rollouts all around the world, we have grown to become a well-recognized company by the mobile operators, equipment suppliers and telecom investors.

MCONZULT has Nordic heritage, ownership and operations. This allows us access to some of the most developed mobile competence in the world. Our international presence has allowed us to recruit the best international experts, all with extensive expertise and competence adding significant value to our clients.

MCONZULT vision is to offer telecommunication services and solutions to wireless telecom operators and equipment suppliers mainly in the Asian market. MCONZULT offerings are of high quality standards, technical advanced and price competitive. MCONZULT will continue to expand through new service introductions, organic growth and partnerships.

From our Asian headquarters we are well placed to deliver telecommunication services in both mature and emerging markets. At the core of our continued success is the quality, advanced solutions and price.

The MCONZULT vision is supported by the following corporate values:

  • To give our best to each client.
  • To build a company that attracts extraordinary people.
  • Govern ourselves through a values-driven partnership